'Love Is Blind's' Zack & Bliss Welcome a Baby Girl

The American "Love Is Blind" couple's first child has been born. According to People magazine , Zach Gojtowski and Bliss Pretzady welcomed a girl into the world on April 26 after tying the knot in Season 4.

"We love our precious, beautiful baby girl so much," Zach and Bliss told the magazine. "We are forever changed and we are blessed to spend the rest of our lives loving her. She was our moon, our star, the center of our universe."

This celestial description perfectly matches the parents' baby name of "Galileo," like the famous astronomer. As they shared in a May 10 Instagram video, Zach and Bliss also surrounded their new baby (whose full name is Galileo Terri Lane Gottowski) with star and moon designs at home ), which happens to be danced to Lee Ann Womack's "I Wish You". "

As you'll recall, the couple bonded over a chance connection to the song in the Pods and even danced to it at their wedding. So, using it to celebrate their daughter was a complete moment.

Zach and Bliss' love is a blind journey

Zach and Bliss have bonded more couples on this season of Love Is Blind than on any other season to date, but their journey hasn't been as smooth sailing. Despite hooking up with Bliss in the pod, Zach first proposed to Irina Solomonova. He eventually realized they weren't a good fit and reunited with Bliss, who gave him a second chance.

Zach alluded to their whirlwind start in a recent two-year anniversary post.

“Little did I know when I walked into that restaurant that my life was on the verge of a huge transformation,” he wrote on Instagram. "I never imagined that just four days later I would be on one knee, overcome with emotion, asking her to share eternity with me. Or that the radiant soul that came through that door would one day be blessed as a father I."


Bliss, for her part, showed Zach some love in a recent birthday post. "I'm so proud to call you my man, Baby G is the luckiest and happiest person to have you as her daddy," she wrote.

Looking ahead, she previously told People magazine that she's excited to see their children "learn and explore" the world around them.

"Hopefully, if we do the right things, see what contribution they can make and how they can make the world a better place," she said. "I think it's one of the most powerful things we can do as humans, and I really want our children to be able to do the same."

More love is blind babies

Zach and Bliss are the first couple to welcome a baby on the flagship series, while Season 3's Alexa Alfea and Brennon Lemieux are expecting a baby this summer The birth of a child. The international version of the show also spawned several babies.