Ashley Parker is 'recovering' after being hospitalized with septic shock

The stars of "Emily in Paris" are back at work, but their absences have been conspicuous. Ashley Parker, who plays Mindy, is recovering from a serious health scare and has yet to rejoin the cast for Season 4. She shared an update on Instagram on January 19, revealing that she battled a serious illness during a New Year's trip and was still recovering.

severe septic shock

Park fell ill while on vacation in late December and early January. Her illness was relatively mild at first, but then worsened dramatically. "What started as tonsillitis turned into severe septic shock, infecting and affecting several of my organs," she wrote in part.

Septic shock, the most severe stage of sepsis, occurs when infection spreads into the bloodstream, affecting organ function and causing blood pressure to drop. In Parker's case, the life-threatening situation is just as dire as it sounds. She said her treatment involved "an ambulance, three foreign hospitals, a week in intensive care, a horrific ER, countless scans, tests and injections, excruciating pain and so much chaos". Luckily, she's traveling with Emily's partner in Paris, Paul Foreman (Nicholas), and he's by her side throughout.

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“Thank you very much”

Park thanked many people in her post, with Foreman getting special praise. "Thank you most to @peforman for being by my side unconditionally through all of this," she wrote. As she went through all of the above, he "calmed [her] fears and embraced [her]," she added, "I love you, Paul. More than I can say."

Her photos and videos show Foreman's unwavering support. Sweet moments she shared included the two of them in a hospital bed, him kissing her forehead, them holding hands and making heart shapes with their fingers, and him learning how to tie her hair back. He later professed his love in his Instagram post on January 19, sharing two photos of them and writing, "No matter what, by your side."

Paul Foreman (Nicholas) and Ashley Parker (Mindy) in Emily in Paris Season 3 Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

Parker's list of thanks also included her doctors and nurses, the staff at the Maldives resort where she stayed during the health emergency, and her "personal team of heroes at home." In an Instagram Story, she went on to thank Foreman for the hotel she stayed at when she had to be transferred to Dubai for treatment. She later stayed there when she was no longer hospitalized but not yet cleared to travel.

"In the throes of recovery"

As for Park Geun-hye's current condition, she said she was "still in the throes of recovery" but "safely through the worst of it." She added, "I'm recovering and I promise I'll be okay." Park didn't mention anything in her post about returning to "Emily in Paris" - which has just begun production on its fourth season - — but when Lily Collins shared a photo from the first episode's table, her comments were hopeful. “[I] can’t even begin to express how excited I am to meet you and be able to join you as soon as possible,” Parker wrote.