Ryan Gosling says his wife and kids helped with his Oscar performance

Ryan Gosling is sharing behind-the-scenes details of his Oscar performance. The actor's rendition of Barbie's "I'm Just Ken" was one of the best moments at the 2024 Oscars on March 10, and Gosling got some "awesome" from those closest to him suggestions.

The actor revealed in an interview with People that his wife, Eva Mendes, and their two daughters, Esmeralda Armada and Amada Lee, were at the big show during rehearsals the day before Suggestions are provided before.

They gave me some tips and some notes, which were great,” he said. "To me, they were a very important part of it... It was my daughter's interest in Barbie and her disinterest in Ken that got me into this mess in the first place. It was nice to have them there at the end."

"I'm Just Ken" was nominated for Best Original Song at the 96th Annual Awards, but lost to Billie Eilish's Barbie song "What Was I Made For."

During the show, Gosling, who is also nominated for Best Supporting Actor, was joined by special guests Mark Ronson, Slash, Wolfgang Van Halen and some of the Barbie cast members Ncuti Gatwa, Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir and Scott Evans.

Ryan Gosling performs at the 2024 Oscars. Rich Polk/Variety/Getty Images

"I'm Just Ken" Almost Didn't Happen

Advice from his wife and daughters paid off for the actor, whose rendition of the Barbie song became one of the night's most talked-about moments. However, as the song's co-writer Rosen revealed, "I'm Just Ken" almost didn't appear in the movie at all.

Rossum recently revealed in an interview with The Sunday Times that Gosling's solo track didn't catch the attention of studio bosses during the premiere of Barbie .

"The song didn't work. I panicked. The humor didn't translate and Greta (Gerwig) had to fight back," he revealed. "The studio asked her how much she needed it, and she said, 'Use every inch of my body.'"