Shakira's intricate 'Puntería' music video outfit took two hours to put on

After a career spanning over 30 years, Shakira knows how to create unforgettable music videos. She has racked up billions of views on YouTube since launching her channel in 2005, and her and Cardi B's "Puntería" video has been viewed more than 19.8 million times since its release on March 21. She aimed for original concepts and costumes, and she hit the bullseye.


Shakira recently revisited some of her most famous music video looks in the video for "Allure ," her "Puntería" outfit being one of them. She and Cardi B cosplayed as Amazon, and she wanted "this tough look," she explained. However, the "pre-formed plastic costume" she chose was not easy to put on.

"It was really amazing because they had me standing for two hours just to put me in this costume and sew me into it," Shakira explained. "When I go to dance, I'm already kind of like Frankenstein."

Even though it was a challenge for her, Shakira loves how it turned out. "I think it's totally worth it because the look is so original," she said. “I wanted something feminine but sophisticated and different that made me look strong.”

Shakira in the "Puntería" music video Shakira/YouTube

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Shakira made sure the outfits fit the concept of the video. Her love interest in the show is Lucien Laviscount, who played Alfie in Emily in Paris . "He's a centaur among them, and I'm an Amazon, the daughter of Artemis, who hunts him down as a 'love prisoner,' on this planet of women ruled by Cardi B and me, of course ," Shakira said.

She also took the time to praise her "Puntería" collaborators. Shakira told Allure that Cardi B is "amazing and a pleasure to work with." Previously, Billboard reported that she said that when they interview each other on the set of a music video, she "always It was about imagining what Cardi would look like in this song," adding that the collaboration was "so much fun" and "so easy."

For Cardi, working with Shakira was her "dream." She told her fellow singers that her music videos continue to impress her. "I watch your videos all the time," Cardi said, "and it's so crazy to make videos with you because all of your videos tell you, from the angles, to the dance, to the pop stuff, you have to take your time Come. "

Watch a breakdown of Shakira's Allure music video outfits below.