Samantha wore fake nipples at SATC 22 years ago

As someone who binge-watches Sex and the City I 've learned so many life lessons from Samantha Jones more times than I can count.

First, her endorsement of Kegel exercises changed my life (IYKYK); When she said, "If I was worried about every bitch in New York talking about me, I would never leave home," she inspired me to ditch my people in a more flattering way; when it came to clothing, she showed me Showing that sometimes, all you need is a pair of fake (or real) nipples to make a seemingly simple top interesting.

From 1998 to 2004 (and the two subsequent movies), Kim Cattrall's character brought endless wisdom, but it's her take on free-form styling that fascinates me the most when it comes to fashion ( Pun).

Samantha's Perky Pies

Originally aired on July 1, 2001, Season 4, Episode 6, the quartet are in a crowded bar (nothing new) talking about Carrie's recent love life woes (nothing new either): Bringing Aiden Shaw back ( Nothing new).

When Miranda and Charlotte suggested emailing him, Samantha reached into her alligator handbag, pulled out a pair of stick-on nipples, and encouraged Carrie to "show up at his furniture store wearing these."

A few scenes later, Samantha tries them out herself. For a date with a hot businessman, Jones donned faux accessories under a baby blue knit tank top with brown trim and a rhinestone-embellished neckline—a top that remains noteworthy after all these years.

Screenshot from HBO

As soon as the stickers cross his line of sight, he's mesmerized—so much so that he immediately hangs up the work phone and pulls Samantha into a passionate kiss. While he was...focused on something else...she secretly tossed the nipple across the room. They have achieved their goal.

Miranda also took them for a ride

While Carrie and Charlotte weren't fans of the edgy look, Hobbs was willing to try it out for a girls' night out. When Miranda added them to her OOTN, they immediately caught the attention of everyone in the New York hotspot.

YouTube / Max

22 years later, Kim K creates her own

Even though "Baby, Talk Is Cheap" aired two decades ago, the clamp-free movement has never been more important than it is now. As Samantha aptly put it: "Big nipples now."

Just about every fashion girl has incorporated NSFW looks into their rotation—on red carpets, fashion week shows, magazine covers, and even the occasional festival event. Kardashian even invented her own built-in nipple bra, a more supportive alternative to Samantha's bras.

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Samantha Jones can walk, Kim Kardashian can run.