The Bachelor's Daisy finds her 'light' after leaving on her own terms

The Bachelor Season 28 finale ended with "the truly 'most shocking' moment in Bachelor history," thanks to runner-up Daisy Kent. After realizing her fellow finalist Kelsey Anderson had a stronger connection with Joey Graziardi, Kent excluded herself and wished them both well. Since then, Kent's injuries have taken months to heal, and she updated her fans on Instagram just days after the finale aired.

Post-show updates

When the finale aired on March 25, Kent posted a short and sweet post. "Embarking on this next grateful for the journey," she wrote. Over the next few days, she went on to post content that included other contestants she met on the show (including Anderson), as well as an ending photo with the caption, "Imagine how much I could love the right person. ” However, her March 28 update did delve into her Bachelor experience.

"You know one of the things about life is you're never quite sure what's going to happen," she began. "This whole journey has been so unexpected, yet so wonderful in retrospect. I will be forever grateful for the people, places and moments that changed my perspective. I believe life is about how we love people, how we embrace our differences, how we Take what we’ve been given and turn it into light.”

Daisy Kent in the "After the Final Rose" Special John Flanour/Disney

upcoming rose daisy

Kent went on to address her current situation and the positive takeaways she's taken away from The Bachelor . "I regained my confidence and found my light again," she added. "We are complex beings, which means we are not one thing, one emotion, one simple feeling. We are often consumed by one emotion, but I think the difficulty is that when we are consumed by many rather than one When you're consumed by emotion. I learned that sometimes you have to feel it all to let more love in."

Next came her thanks. "Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey," she wrote. "The friendships I've made and the people I've met always make me look back and smile. Thank you @bachelorabc @bachelornation for this time in my life [and] helping me share my story in such a beautiful way."

Kent leaves her position on a very positive note. She cheered "more unexpected things to come" with a jingling glasses emoji, then ended with "No more roses, just daisies."

skip bachelorette

Even though Kent seems like a sure shot to be the next Bachelorette, she's serious about her "no roses" route. After her self-elimination, she had another surprise for fans during the After the Final Rose special. When it seemed like Jesse Palmer was going to announce her as the next Bachelorette, she told him she wasn't ready for the role.

"I'm healthy, I'm happy, I haven't experienced either of those things in a long time," Kent said. "So, now, I know it's time for me to focus on the things I love and the people I love, so now... no. I'm not ready. That's okay, I realize that for myself Very proud.”