Ryan Gosling almost cast in 'Gilmore Girls'

Ryan Gosling is probably pretty happy with his recent performance at the Oscars, even though we know him from hits like "The Notebook" and "La La Land," It's not always easy for actors. He once missed out on a role in "Gilmore Girls."

At the 2016 Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, casting director Jami Rudofsky recalled meeting Gosling for the first time and said she was interested in casting another "gritty teen drama ”, his acting skills left a deep impression on her.

"It was one of the most amazing auditions I've ever seen," Rudowski continued, adding that when Gilmore Girls began casting football player roles, she recommended Gosling to the show Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. Unfortunately, when he went to audition, his performance was "kind of flat" and he didn't get the part.

Speaking with casting director Marla Casey on the Gilmore Guys podcast, Rudowski added more details. "I think, Mara, Amy, this guy is a big star. You're going to love him," she said. "Their reaction was, 'We don't understand.'"

Ryan Gosling. Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

While Rudowski "kept selling him," she believes even Gosling knew he wasn't right for the role. "He didn't have a Gilmore Girls vibe, so I don't think he felt it," she said on the podcast. "He knew it wasn't appropriate."

he's in good company

Gosling isn't the only actor who failed to land a role on the beloved TV series. In 2015, Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick told The New York Times that she tried to star in the show but was unsuccessful. “The memory of a time when I couldn’t book a guest spot on ‘Gilmore Girls’ has always stuck with me,” she told the outlet.

Mad Men 's Jon Hamm also auditioned for Gilmore Girls , and while he did land a small, one-episode role as Peyton Sanders (Lorelai's potential love interest), he never Did not appear in the play.