Laura Dern says Taylor Swift is an 'incredible' friend

Laura Dern has always been fascinated by gemstones. On Jan. 12, the actor gushed about her new friendship with Taylor Swift , more than a year after they met on the set of Swift's Bejeweled video The friendship remains strong.

At the Los Angeles premiere of "Common Ground , " Dern revealed her close relationship with Swift to People . "It's one of my deepest friendships and I love and admire her so much," she said. "Finding a friend in creativity who is a superpower...she's incredible. So that's been really fun."

She's not sure if her association with Swift has had any impact on her own fan base, but she'd like to think so. "I don't know, but I'll take it," she quipped. However, her video appearances have proven to be effective.

In January, Dern told the story of how she stood in front of a "Welcome to Jurassic Park" sign on Oahu and was recognized on a Jurassic Park tour, but it wasn't her appearance in the 1993 film roles played. "This girl came up to me and said, 'Oh my God! Oh my God!' She asked, 'Aren't you that girl in the Taylor Swift video?'" she recalled to Jimmy Kimmel.

"A tired and tacky woman"

Dern is one of the many stars in Swift's Cinderella -inspired Bejeweled video, playing her evil stepmother, alongside Alana, Danielle and Ester Heim who play evil stepsisters . Just like a fairy tale, they treated Swift as a maid and gleefully tortured her, but in the end she won the crown, the castle and Jack Antonoff with the help of "fairy goddess" Dita Von Teese ( Also known as Prince Charming).

In October 2022, Swift told Jimmy Fallon how she got Dunn to appear in a video she directed. "I was like, 'Hello, Oscar winner Laura Dern. I've written a script. It's a one-scene script in which you're going to call me 'a tired, cheesy woman,' "she says. "She said, 'I'm depressed.'" Directing Dern, she added, was "easier than anything I've ever done in my life."

Laura Dern, HAIM and Taylor Swift in Bejeweled video YouTube / Taylor Swift

That November, Dern told Entertainment Tonight her version of events and agreed that the "chick" line got her the role. "Even better is to ask if there is any way you would be willing to say these things to her while she's talking to you on the phone," she said. "I thought, 'I'm involved, I'm definitely going to do this.'"

Since the video was posted, the two have been spotted dining together on various occasions in New York, including hanging out with mutual friend Zoë Kravitz in September. Dunn even attended the opening night of Swift's Eras tour and scored cool points with her kids Ellery, 22, and Jaya, 19.

"I'm lucky enough to be able to participate, which is awesome," she told Seth Meyers in April. "Tyler knows the kids now and wants them there. We've been through almost all the eras. We go to the party store and then we respect all the dazzling colors."