Power star Alix Lapri wants a Bonnie Effie Clyde ending

Alix Lapri attributes much of her career to perfect timing. In 2021, the self-taught actor had just moved into his first single apartment in Atlanta when he felt the "financial burden" caused by the epidemic. Just when she was on her "last mile" financially, her manager called her to tell her that Starz wanted her to reprise her role as Superhero Effie Morales for the series spinoff "Supernatural II: Ghosts." 》 Frequent guest. "When I got the call, I was struggling and literally lying on my bed crying," Lapri, 26, tells Bustle. "They gave me the number and I just dropped to my knees and started praying right away because the timing was so crazy ”

LaPree originated the character of Effie, a scrappy, smart college student during her "Ball " days. In season six, Ghost reunites the character with former flame Tarik St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) and explores her backstory, revealing she's more than just a well-intentioned drug dealer .

The promotion isn't the first time Lapri has been star-studded. She started her singing career on YouTube at age 13, but there weren't many opportunities to further her passion in the small town in Kansas where she lived. "I saw Justin Bieber moving to Atlanta and he was just blowing up, so I was like, 'Mom, listen, he did it, so I have to do it too.'" Her mom quickly shot that down idea—until a few weeks later, when her job moved them to Atlanta. "I swear my whole path has been directed," she added.

A few years after launching music, she decided it no longer made financial sense to continue on this path when she discovered that business dealings in the industry were "very vague." Although she was not interested in performing, her music team urged her to give her a chance. She landed her first big job in the 2018 action film Den of Thieves , starring alongside Gerard Butler and Thrones executive producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. “I was like, I want to do this for the rest of my life,” she said.


Now, as the show's third season draws to a close, Effie is caught in a love triangle with Tariq and Kane Tejada (Woody MacLaine), while Raplee chooses to take sides. .

"Kane and Effie always made more sense because they're so similar. They'll do whatever it takes to protect the people they love, but they're also trying to survive," the actor said, citing how both characters grew out of their shared childhoods. Obscene history gained strength. "And I feel like Tarik and Effie just have a toxic attachment and a history. It makes me sad, but it doesn't look good for them."

In a show with so many deaths, Raprie knew her character could die at any moment, so she began writing for her own TV series as well. What kind of perfect ending will she write for Effie? "I would give her a Bonnie and Clyde- type ending, where whoever she ends up with, they die together and go out angry," she revealed. "That's exactly what I wanted to write about."

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What was your coffee order?

I'm a tea fan. My favorites are jasmine and earl gray tea.

What weather locations are saved on your phone?

Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, GA.

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Favorite overused movie line?

"Aren't you happy?!?!"

What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

SpongeBob SquarePants and the Pretty Weird Parents

What’s a movie or TV show that you’re currently obsessed with?

any reality. I've seen too much. This has actually become a problem.

Who is your celebrity idol?

I don’t have any idols, but Frank Ocean and Post Malone are some of the coolest celebrities today.

If you had to be on a reality show, what would you choose?

The Challenge (my favorite TV show)

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"If I didn't get you" - Alicia Keys

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I'm a genuinely good person through and through. I am proud of my pure heart and good intentions.