Golden bachelors Gerry and Theresa spend Christmas apart

Holiday 2023 marks the first time Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are engaged. However, just over a week before their Bachelorette wedding, they revealed they spent Christmas apart.

"Gerry and I are celebrating with our own families but will be reunited in a few days," Teresa wrote in an Instagram post on Dec. 24. She also wished her fans a "very special day." Merry (Gerry) Christmas”.

How Teresa Celebrates the Holidays

Ahead of Golden Weddings airing live on ABC on January 4, Teresa shared her New Jersey holiday celebrations with her siblings Charlotte, Mary and Vinny via her Instagram Stories some small fragments.

“My sisters and I believe that Christmas isn’t Christmas if we don’t sing,” she wrote in a Dec. 25 video of her family performing “Deck the Halls". "It would be great if our parents (who can really sing) are still around to lead us..."

A subsequent photo showed Teresa posing in front of a Christmas tree with her "amazing sisters and brothers." She wrote: "Merry Christmas everyone and good night!"


Although her new fiancé was nowhere to be seen, Teresa previously posted a similar photo on December 11, calling Gerry the "best Christmas present ever."

A very Gerry Christmas

Meanwhile, Indiana's Gerry took to Instagram on December 23 to share photos of his Christmas celebrations.

"What a great day with my pickleball friends! Good games in the morning. Bowling in the afternoon and Christmas party in the evening," he captioned the shot.

When a commenter asked why he tagged Teresa, Faith Martin, Susan Knowles and Joan Vassos (not in the photo), Gerry responded: "Why not? We are friends!"

GoldenJerry Turner/Instagram

The next day, Gerry also posted a photo of his daughters Jenny and Angie and granddaughters Payton and Charlie, who appeared on the Bachelor finale wearing matching pajamas. "It was the night before Christmas..." he wrote.

Earlier, Gerry hinted at his gift to Teresa, posting a photo of himself shopping for jewelry for his "lover" in Indiana on December 21.

Christmas 2024 in the South?

Although Gerry and Teresa currently live in different states, they have shared plans to start life as a couple in South Carolina, and presumably they will start their tradition together next holiday season.

Disney/John Fleno

"In a conversation toward the end of my journey, Teresa talked about having a son and three grandchildren in the Charleston area," Gerry explained to the Los Angeles Times after the Bachelor finals on November 30.

"Suddenly, the possible barriers of geography disappeared. Maybe fate did help us in that department, but it did ease the burden on both of us about compromise."