Nicholas Galitzine is in very, very hot form

Nicholas Galitzine is booked and busy. Over the past three years, the British actor has jumped from Cinderella to Purple Heart to The Red , White and Royal Blue , and this spring he's launching two high-profile projects, each with a Oscar winner collaboration.

In May, he will star in the unconventional romance film "The Idea of ​​You," playing a boy band singer opposite Anne Hathaway as a single mother. But first, he co-starred with Julianne Moore in the Starz drama "Mary & George," which follows the titular mother-son duo as they plot their way into 17th-century royal society.

“Just watching [Moore] was very inspiring,” Galitzine, 29, tells Bustle over Zoom. "I had so much fun in our scenes together, whether we were fighting each other or plotting together. Her cinematic IQ is so high."

During his press conference, fans loved the genuine and awe-inspiring way he talked about his co-star. Some of these actors are fans — check out this video from the premiere of Idea of ​​You. A user on X (formerly Twitter) wrote: "Find someone like Anne Hathaway to watch Nicholas... Galizin looks at you like that, because oh my God.”

Galitzin and Anne Hathaway. Daniel Bokarski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Below, he details the hilarious make-out scene from Mary & George and who he'd like to work with next.

Can you share a fond memory of working with Julianne Moore ?

I always get mad at Julie for this. There was a funeral scene at the beginning of the production, and there was a technical shot where she took some dirt and threw it at the camera, and the camera was shooting at us. And Julie, bless her soul, isn't the most coordinated person. She managed to name the camera by throwing four pieces of dirt - one above, one below, one on the right and one on the left. We are all trying desperately to keep a straight face during this very somber moment.

Starring in "Mary & George" with Julianne Moore. Starz

I read that you were watching Still Alice the night before you got the call for the show, and that you said you'd love to work with Moore one day. You're obviously good at showing off. Is there another name you'd like to add to the universe?

Gosh, there are so many. I'm collecting my "infinity stones" of Oscar-winning actresses, so Jennifer Lawrence is there. She is very talented. I love Ryan Gosling. His career was so versatile and it was something like that that I wanted to emulate. Robert Pattinson is the most popular actor. I'm a huge fan of Viola Davis. Florence Pugh is charming. I would love to do anything with her.

Speaking of Oscar winners, did you have a moment while filming The Idea of ​​You with Anne Hathaway that you thought, wow, this is really special ?

Anne and I became close friends almost immediately. We had such great chemistry. There was a scene where we were making out passionately and Annie had a real laugh because we hit the wall and a pot fell to the floor. They'd say, "We want a sense of hunger and chaos," and at the same time we were just bumping into furniture and being really random. That was a pure moment for us.

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The internet welcomes you in such a huge way. How do you react to all this?

Honestly, I try not to be too online. So anything [that goes viral] ends up being sent to me by friends or my team. But having good, honest conversations with people on the street can be very beneficial.

You've been busy with projects lately. Are there any shows or movies that you watch during your down time?

I enjoy watching a lot of animated content — more so than movies and TV — because I can turn off [my work mode] and not see, oh, this is an interesting shot . Speaking of anime, Studio Ghibli and great animated films give me a lot of joy.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.