Millie Bobby Brown calls herself 'Karen' after leaving negative review

Millie Bobby Brown insists on good customer service. During a recent episode of the Table Manners Podcast, hosts Lenny and Jesse Ware asked the "Stranger Things" actor if he leaves restaurant and hotel reviews.

"Yes," Brown admitted, revealing that she used a "pseudonym" to do so. "I think it's important, you know? Here's the thing. My whole life people have criticized me, so sometimes I give it back to you."

As an example, the actor mentioned staying at an unknown hotel where an employee repeatedly demanded payment before she checked out. "It's like, 'I really think you should encourage guests to complete the payment transaction at the end of their stay,'" Brown said.

In another incident, she was shopping when a customer mistook her for a staff member. After notifying store employees on behalf of elderly shoppers, Brown said they were "unhelpful," adding, "I just thought, 'Please? This doesn't even apply to me. So, I left a review."

The stories prompted Table Manners Jesse to ask, "Millie, are you Karen?" to which the actor responded, "Well, I am Karen. I do think it's important to know where you're going wrong, and to always improve Space."

Millie Bobby Brown. Isa Fortin/Germany Select/Getty Images

Fans are divided

Brown's comments sparked debate among fans online, and while many took issue with her stance on customer service, others "totally agreed" with the actor. "When did expecting decent service make you Karen?" one Instagram user asked. "She's not Karen. She's right. This is the best thing you can do as a customer. Always leave a review," another commented.

This isn't the only time Brown has gone viral recently. In a recent interview with TikToker Max Baledge, she addressed online comments about her British accent, which some fans claim has become Americanized.

"I'm an actress. I grew up in the public eye. I grew up in America," she explained. "I come on set, I'm an actor, I adapt, so I want to imitate other people."