This Bridgerton Easter egg may tease Benedict and Benedict. Sophie's Season

There are spoilers for the Bridgerton Season 3 finale . After the second half of Bridgerton season 3 saw Colin and Penelope marry and welcome a little baby, there's only one thing left to do: start predicting who will lead season 4.

Luckily, the final scene of the latest issue offers an interesting clue, but you'll need to pause (and maybe whip out your magnifying glass) to see it.

Lady Whistledown's last column

To recap: The time jump at the end of episode 8 shows Penelope and her sisters basking in their new motherhood, with Colin and Penelope's child being an only boy (aka Featherington Manor heirs). While enjoying family time, Penelope's latest Lady Whistle column was published.

The closing narrative switches from Julie Andrews to Penelope herself, with the author inviting readers to follow the next part of her journey, seemingly confirming that the column will continue in some capacity, but no longer from anonymous gossip.

But if you look closely at the lingering footage of the new column, you'll see more social rumors. One that stands out because of its potentially obscene undertones is that someone "spends a lot of time with some unmarried young lady." Well...


"Of course she went to visit family in the country and has been rarely seen in London since then," the column continued. "However, that was a few years ago and long forgotten. I wonder if our disgraced Duke would have loudly [sic] graced the dance floor with anyone but his Duchess."

What does this piping hot Regency tea mean? While the passage is too short to draw any conclusive theories, the reference to a young woman disappearing from society to spend time in the countryside sounds like it could be a euphemism for pregnancy - perhaps the "disgraced" noble is Father.

But what does this mean?

Interestingly, Bridgerton has a book about illegitimacy: A Gentleman’s Proposal , aka Benedict’s Story. Sophie Becket (his love interest in the book) is the daughter of an earl and his maid. Sophie's mother died during childbirth and she was raised by her grandmother somewhere "all over England". When her grandmother becomes ill and can no longer care for her, she returns her to the Count, who raises Sophie as his "guardian."

Liam Daniel/Netflix

So if you're into theories, the Whistle Lady column might be a sneaky way to introduce Sophie's backstory. As showrunner Jesse Brownell recently told TV Insider, "I do think there are some clues at the end of Season 3 as to where we're going... I think we're tilting our hand a little bit ”

On the other hand, this is probably achievable. If you look closely at the relevant column, you might notice odd spelling mistakes and sentence breaks that suggest Ms. Whistledown's latest is just a prop filled with placeholder text. Plus, Penelope is now trying to use her quill for good. So why would she want to write a play that was set before she was born?

Still, the show takes its time and slowly moves through the letter—making it feel like an intentional choice rather than something that was never intended to be read.