Suki Waterhouse shares surprise update about her baby with Robert Pattinson

Suki Waterhouse seems to have established a tradition of posting big updates about her family with fiancé Robert Pattinson during her holiday performances. She announced her pregnancy on stage at the Corona Capital Music Festival in Mexico last November. Then, after giving birth to her baby in March, she revealed the baby's gender to fans during the first weekend of the 2024 Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

Mother's first holiday

Waterhouse didn't waste much time before returning to the stage. The public only learned that her and Pattinson's child had been born on March 26 when the Daily Mail published a photo of her and Pattinson walking in a stroller. While the pink color of the stroller hinted that the baby might be a girl, she offered no details when officially introducing their little one. On April 4, she revealed her baby to the world via Instagram. True to her usual private form, she simply shared a photo of herself holding her baby with the caption: "Welcome to the world angel."

However, at the Coachella Music Festival on April 12, Waterhouse confirmed they were having a girl. Fan videos show her addressing the Gobi Stage audience between songs, telling them that "life has been going through some pretty big changes lately."

"Some pretty big events have stopped," she continued. "So, I love wonderful ladies and I'm so lucky to have my own little lady and meet the love of my life."

Suki Waterhouse/Instagram

fourth trimester

Waterhouse celebrated her first Coachella performance in Instagram Stories before and after the show. One story showed a teaser of her on the grounds of a music festival in Indio, California, and the second added a red heart emoji to footage of her performing. It was an important night for her, coming at a time of great change in her life. As she said in another recent Instagram caption, she's currently in her "fourth trimester."

“The fourth trimester has been… humbling!” she wrote on April 8. “Postpartum has been filled with exhilarating joy, so much laughter, tears, so many hormones! I’m so excited I'm proud of everything I've accomplished with my body and the kindness and grace I've given myself during my recovery."

Fans also celebrated what she experienced during her time at Coachella. “The fact that Suki Waterhouse is performing at Coachella shortly after giving birth…women are amazing,” one fan tweeted the day of the show.

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