Matthew Perry's final birthday gift to Lauren Graham was so sweet

In her new book , Have I Told You? " Gilmore Girls" star Lauren Graham reflects on her long-term friendship with "Friends" star Matthew Perry during book tour in Washington, D.C., and reveals he's leaving in October 2023 A birthday gift given to Yue before her death.

Graham said Perry gave her a pickleball set: "He really loved tennis and pickleball," she explained to Deadline. The accompanying card read: "Older."

She went on to talk about her friendship with Perry. "Even though he wasn't technically a boyfriend, he was pretty much my boyfriend in life," she said. "We'll extend it for a year and then he'll come back into my life, and he just came back into my life last year."

Graham Haas appeared to have had time to process Perry's death since she first spoke about it in a November 2023 interview with CBS Morning Show. "I'm still in shock," she said, adding, "No one has ever made me laugh that hard. I mean, just tears, flowing. It was such a joy to be with him and to be his friend."

In The Odd Couple, Lauren Graham plays Gaby and Matthew Perry plays Oscar Madison. CBS Photo Archive/CBS/Getty Images

During her book signing, the "Gilmore Girls" star also discussed Perry's 2022 memoir " Friends, Lovers, and Big Scary Things." “When I met him, he was very excited about the reception to his book,” she said. "Not just because it was a huge success, but because his life's work became, 'How can I give back? How can I talk about the struggles that I've been through and hopefully help other people?"

Perry mentioned Graham in the book and included a photo with the caption, "Me and the beautiful Lauren Graham."

Graham, for her part, wrote about Perry in her 2016 book Talking As Fast as You Can , quashing rumors they were dating. Instead, she said, after they met at an industry event, "he became an old friend of mine who I almost but never exactly dated, or FWIABNED."

Ironically, they went on to play a couple on screen twice, first in the 2008 film " American Birds" and then in Perry's 2015 sitcom "The Odd Couple." Tom plays Perry 's ex-wife.