'Heartstopper' fans are already obsessed with the Bridgerton star's cameo

Heartstopper fans are delighted with the latest news about the show. On April 25, Netflix confirmed that Bridgerton 's Jonathan Bailey has joined the cast of Season 3 .

In a brief introduction video for Bailey's character, Netflix announced that he will play Jack Maddox, Charlie Spring's well-known Instagram crush. Fans were quick to comment on the addition of the actor, who joins newcomers Hayley Atwell and Eddie Marsan in Heart Stops Series 3.

"My heart. It stopped," one fan cheekily wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "Requesting the inclusion of Jonathan Bailey in all Netflix productions," another user commented, while one joked, "Now I have to watch it. All for my Viscount," referring to Bailey's role in Bridgerton stars the character Lord Anthony Bridgerton, and the actor will reprise his role in the show's upcoming third season.

"Heartstopper " creator and writer Alice Oseman said she was "so excited" to welcome the show's three new cast members. "I couldn't be more excited to see the talents of Haley, Eddie, and Jonathan join our existing cast," she said in a statement. “I can’t wait for Heartstopper fans to meet these new characters.”

Jonathan Bailey of Bridgeton . Liam Daniel/Netflix

Netflix's "Heartbeaters," adapted from Osman's graphic novel series of the same name, tells the coming-of-age love story between two high school students, Charlie Spring (Kit Conner) and Nick Nelson (Joe Rourke) .

In addition to Connor and Locke, the main cast also includes Yasmine Finney, William Gao, Corinne Brown, Kizz Egil and Sebastian Croft.

The third and final season will be released on Netflix in October 2024. According to the official description of the third season, the show will tell the story of Truham Grammar students as they prepare to say goodbye to their school days.

"As summer ends and time passes, the friends begin to realize that the new school year will be full of joys and challenges," the season synopsis reads, teasing that Nick also "has something important to say to Charlie."