Memes and Tweets about Usher's halftime performance at Super Bowl 58

When Usher was asked to perform at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show, he said "Yeah!" and welcomed the support from his celebrity friends. He told Billboard before the competition that past performers, including Katy Perry, gave him "pointers."

Arthur also glanced back at E! In an interview with Rihanna, the recent Super Bowl headliner said he was a "natural" fit for the show.

"I'm really grateful," the singer said, adding that he studied past performances to see how people made the most of their time on stage. "But you know, your moment is your moment. This is the moment I've been preparing for the last 30 years."

As soon as the performance started, fans at the scene reacted one after another.

Nostalgia prevails

Usher teased special guests ahead of the big day, and he didn't disappoint, bringing collaborators like Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and Lil John to the Super Bowl stage. "Great to see Alicia Keys and Usher performing an oldie but also a blast," one user wrote on X (formerly Twitter), while another said their team Producing “the best halftime show in a while.”

Timothy Cleary/AFP/Getty Images

For one user, "Yes!" The trio's reunion was like "the Avengers assembling for the first time in ten years."

There is one notable absence

Despite Usher's impressive guest list, there's one player some fans are hoping will make an appearance: Justin Bieber. Usher played a major role in the musician's early career, and the two co-wrote "Somebody to Love."

But alas, while Bieber did attend the competition, he wasn't there to perform - much to the dismay of fans. While his absence made some viewers feel like a clown because they presumed he would be there, many acknowledged that the show was already a hit. Some viewers even called Usher a Super Bowl champion.

Usher shows off his athleticism

Patrick T. Fallon/AFP/Getty Images

Many viewers were fixated on Usher putting on his skates before performing "OMG."

One fan wondered how the musician was able to not only "sing perfectly," but also do the whole thing at the same time. Others were reminded of great skating moments in pop culture. As one fan said, "I think Usher just single-handedly brought roller skating back."