Love Is Blind vet Cameron Hamilton talks season 6's 'drama' and 'chaos'

Cameron and Lauren Hamilton were one of Love Is Blind 's biggest success stories, so when they were absent from the Season 6 reunion, many fans had questions. The answer turned out to be quite mild (scheduling conflicts), but when Cameron tried to "clear the air" in a March 15 Instagram video, he found himself torn between being honest about his latest "experiment." and may offend the actors. Still, he has a valid point—not just about Love Is Blind , but about reality TV in general.

Close LIB Season 6

It turns out that Cameron was absent from more than just the party. He skipped most of season six. After he admitted that he had "only watched a few episodes of the show," he explained, "I just didn't have the motivation to keep watching." For Cameron, it wasn't because he had any issues with the casting. He said he simply couldn't find "the couples he wanted to support." Only one couple is getting married this season, compared with at least two of four of the five previous seasons.

Cameron noted in a text overlay that even a "great cast" doesn't necessarily lead to great connections, but he hinted at a problem in the area. "When it comes to sincerity, I think every season there are people who want to get married, people who want to be famous, and people who are somewhere in between," he said.

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LIB actor awareness

Now that Love Is Blind has been on the air for four years, Cameron speculates that people's familiarity with the show influenced the "experiment." He suggested that actors can do things they know work to attract attention, including creating "dramatic, chaotic scenes." "Now, in season six, the cast knows exactly how the show works," he said.

This is an interesting point. Reality TV doesn’t happen in a vacuum. For example, in the 20-plus years of The Bachelor franchise, some characters have emerged that contestants seem to really want (think: villains). Fans also often speculate about how much drama shows like Vanderpump Rules create. Let's not forget that Jessica Simpson admitted in her 2020 memoir, Open Book , that starring on "Newlyweds" influenced the way she and then-husband Nick Lachey acted.

"We have become actors in our own lives, playing ourselves," she wrote (via Us Weekly ). "What's worse is that we slowly start acting out our characters even when the cameras aren't rolling."

Love for LIB and actors

Although Love Is Blind isn't as appealing to Cameron, he still appreciates the series and doesn't find fault with the cast. "What are people talking about when they watch this show? It's all memes, it's all quips, it's all drama, it's all mayhem," he noted in the video. "So can you really blame the actors for being involved in that?"

He also clarified that he didn't want his views to be seen as hate or shade toward the cast. “I don’t want this video to be seen as me dissing the actors,” he wrote in a comment on the post. After sharing his reasons for joining the show, he reiterated, "I hate to sound like I'm judging the actors — I'm just sharing my experience as a viewer."