I Tried Taylor Swift's Workout Routine to Prep for Eras Tour

Taylor Swift's Eras tour was a big deal, to say the least. The singer has been on the road since March 2023 and will continue to tour the world until December 2024. As any Swiftie knows, each of her shows lasts about three hours, and she spends most of the time dancing.

It's one thing to croon into a microphone, but it's another thing entirely to rock and sing at the same time. Add in her 16 different outfit changes, and it's no wonder Swift started a workout routine six months before her first show to improve her stamina.

In a Dec. 6 interview with Time magazine, where Swift was announced as the 2023 Person of the Year, the "Cruel Summer" singer shared exactly how she's preparing for the concert. But instead of doing all the boring exercises, she does them in the most Taylor-like way - so I had to give her workout routine a try.

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It's hard to imagine how one could prepare for a years-long global music tour, but when you hear about Swift's routine, it suddenly seems so obvious.

"Every day I would run on the treadmill and sing the whole thing out loud," Swift told Time magazine. "Fast songs are suitable for fast tempo, while slow songs are suitable for jogging or brisk walking."

She also added weights and other conditioning exercises for personalized strength training at her Dogpound gym.

settings list

Swift's Eras Tour tracklist includes more than 40 songs of varying tempos, totaling approximately 180 minutes .

She would occasionally sneak in a few secret songs, but her go-to show started relatively slowly with "Miss America and the Heartbreak Prince," then moved on to "Cruel Summer" and "The Man," before picking up the pace with "". You need to calm down”.

The singer also included fan favorites like "Love Story" and "Bad Blood," before closing out the show with hits like "Anti-Hero," "Midnight Rain" and "Karma."

Singing and running

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Let's be honest: It's hard for me to maintain a melody while sitting still, let alone while pushing up and down, but that doesn't stop me from strutting on the treadmill. I sang my heart out on a few tunes to see how far I could get on the set list before I needed a break.

Swift kicked off her show with "Miss Americana and the Heartbroken Prince," which, honestly, was the perfect pace to warm up to. It was upbeat, but not fast enough for a jog, so I strolled quickly, my blood boiling, as I sang about pageant smiles and winning silly prizes.

When "Cruel Summer" came on, I sped up the pace to match the beat while belting out my best voice (Caroline's version) . Just when I started to feel out of breath—which, it turns out, is easy to do when you combine running and singing—"The Man" came on and I slowed down the treadmill. In my opinion, the rhythm of the song lends itself perfectly to a real model-like swagger, so that's my favorite part.

Next is "You need to calm down," which works well for faster walks. This is another one of my favorite Swift songs, so I'm really feeling myself at this point. Then came "Lover" and "Archer," so I grabbed the camera and slowed down, drank water, and thought about Swift's performance night after night. Yo .

I've been jogging and singing/breathing for about 20 minutes so far, which has been a good workout, but I want to try one more song before I admit I'm not fit (yet). World tour.

I skipped to track 23 on the song list, "I Knew You Were Trouble," because it's fast-paced and particularly fun to sing. You know that feeling you get when the perfect song pops up on your workout playlist. Running flat out with energy? That’s me – except I’m also screaming the lyrics.


Can I sing and jog for a full three hours? No, I wouldn't recommend it unless you're Taylor Swift herself. What I can say, though, is that it was a lot of fun writing some lyrics while on a treadmill.

This workout might be the perfect way to spice up your regular jog. The varying rhythms of the concert make for a natural interval workout—and singing the lyrics adds a silly challenge. To give it a try, start at the top and jog/sing for about 20 minutes. Then if you want more, you can add a song or two.

Singing the lyrics in a quiet gym might not be feasible, but Swift's tour workouts are a blast to try at home or — if you're feeling "fearless" — jogging around your neighborhood.