Young Mazzino loves beef and lets people call them brother

Netflix's BEEF is packed with stars like Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, but it also introduces a new face to sit alongside the veterans: Young Mazino, who is the actor behind the fan-favorite character Paul Cho. For Mazino, BEEF is the culmination of a long-held dream — one he's been chasing since the late 2010s, when he juggled drama school and auditions with a 9-to-5 job at skin-care brand Fresh. "It felt like I was performing in The Office," Mazzino, 31, tells Bustle. "Because I pretended to be a senior analyst and made small talk at the water cooler, like, 'Hey, Jim, how's it going?'"

All that practice paid off, and look at how heart-warming Mazino's performance in "BEEF" is. "Korean Americans would come up and say, 'Yo, this reminds me of me and my brother...I called my brother just to see how he was doing,'" he said. In the show, Mazzino plays the younger brother of Steven Yeun's Danny, whose relationship is further exacerbated by Danny's road rage-fueled journey of revenge. Sadly, Danny's desire to remain close to his brother leads him to sabotage Paul's chances for self-actualization. At the same time, they are both trying to cultivate lives independent of their parents who have returned to Korea.

This is a theme Mazino has been thinking about long before BEEF. In the summer of 2021, Mazino served as co-cinematographer on Riding Han, a documentary directed by his childhood friend Pak Eugene about three men who rode 2,600 miles along the Great Dividing Range. "The premise is to explore how we can use our 'han' - a Korean term for our internalized, unresolved intergenerational trauma from parents, war and oppression - to create rather than allow it to destroy us."

If " Beef " is renewed for a second season, Mazzino hopes his character will have a chance to do just that. "Even if Paul were to disappear and become a hermit on an island away from everyone just to get away from all the negativity, I would be totally fine with that."

In the meantime, learn more about Mazino in the Bustle Booth questionnaire below.

Andrew Cooper/Netflix

in a noisy stall

What was your coffee order?

Iced decaffeinated Americano (or tea)

What weather locations are saved on your phone?

new york and los angeles

What is your logo?

Virgo sun, Libra rising, Aries moon

Favorite overused movie line?

"Oh Hi Mark" ( Room )

What was your favorite cartoon as a child?


What’s a movie or TV show that you’re currently obsessed with?

Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" and Amanda Lin's "The Moon Is the Oldest Television " (about Nam June Paik)

Who is your celebrity idol?

Jenny from Blackpink

If you had to be on a reality show, what would you choose?

naked and scared

Karaoke songs you often listen to?

Eminem's "Superman"

What has inspired you recently?

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong's ability to handle the industry while raising children

How would you like people to describe you?

"The guy seemed so cold."