12 Easter Eggs Hidden in Taylor Swift's "Fortnight" Music Video

The Tormented Poets Ministry looks different than expected. Taylor Swift gave fans their first sneak peek at her new album on Friday night when she released the music video for "Fortnightly." Of course, the Post Malone collaboration is full of Easter eggs from the past and present.

The video, written and directed by Swift, begins with the singer chained to a bed frame in what appears to be a mental hospital. After her release, she entered the offices of the Ministry of Tortured Poets, where Post Malone was working on a typewriter. It's not long before the two are revealed to be some sort of star-crossed lovers, each trying to forget the other but doing a terrible job.

Taking to social media, Swift explained her intentions behind the video, saying she wanted to show fans "the world I see in my head" while creating a "torture poet department ." "Almost everything in it is a metaphor or reference to one corner of the album or another," she writes. “For me, this video is the perfect visual representation of this record and the story I’m telling within it.”

Read on to discover the Tormented Poet references and Easter eggs in the video.

face tattoo

Taylor Swift in the "Fortnightly" music video. Taylor Swift/YouTube

When Swift washed her face in a mental hospital, she revealed a facial tattoo that matched Post Malone's.

pill bottle number

Taylor Swift/YouTube

While Swift was chained to the bed, she was handed "forget him" pills. The prescription number listed on the bottom of the bottle shows a range starting with her birthday, December 13, 1989, and ending with Tormented Poet 's release date, April 19, 2024.

Grammy dress

Taylor Swift/YouTube

Swift initially wore a dress very similar to the one she wore to the 2024 Grammy Awards, but in the video, it was torn and worn. As a reminder, that's where she announced the album. Instead of matching black gloves like she did at the awards show, she opted for white gloves. (She would soon switch from her wedding day look to mourning clothes.) In both cases, she wore a similar necklace.

In true Swift style, she's been dropping Easter eggs for us.

"Illegal Affairs" Reference

Swift and Post's desks glowed with colorful beams, which many fans believed was a nod to Folklore 's "Illegal Affair," which included the lyrics: "You show me you know what I can't see in other people Colors." The two songs convey similar messages, telling stories of infidelity and the resentment that arises from it.

Lost typewriter key

Taylor Swift/YouTube

While Swift was working in the office, her typewriter was missing a "1" key. This could be a reference to Folklore 's "The 1", or to the Tormented Poet 's second installment being released at 2 a.m. ET. (That is, starting at two o'clock). It could also be a nod to the fact that "that person" is missing from the character's life. Regardless, the detail is obvious enough that it must imply something.

"our story"

Swift and Post Malone in "Fortnightly" video. Taylor Swift/YouTube

As she and Post lay on loose sheets of paper, she was reading from a book called "Us," likely a nod to the heartfelt "Story of Us" from her 2010 album Speak Now .

dead poets society star

Actors Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles in the music video. Taylor Swift/YouTube

Swift tapped Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles, stars of the 1989 film " Dead Poets Society ," to shoot a music video that paid homage to the inspiration for her album's title. The actors played two researchers who administered electroshock therapy to Swift, leaving Post Malone heartbroken. "Tortured poets, meet colleagues down the hall, dead poets," Swift wrote on social media. Their names were sewn onto the white coats, a reference to their roles in the film.

Clara Bow's Therapy

Taylor Swift/YouTube

By including electroshock therapy in the video, Swift subtly paid homage to 1920s actress Clara Bow, who was the subject of a song on the album. In 1944, Bowe was admitted to a mental hospital for treatment.

hide lyrics

Taylor Swift/YouTube

In what looked like a heart monitor or lie detector test - however thematically appropriate - the results spelled out the lyrics from "Fortnightly": "I love you and it's ruining my life," Si Swift also typed this sentence on a typewriter earlier in the video.

The poor thing nodded.

Taylor Swift/YouTube

When Swift was strapped to a Frankenstein table with wires attached to her head, fans were immediately reminded of her close friend Emma Stone's film Poor Thing , for which Stone won an Oscar. Best Actress Award. Swift attended the premiere of the film, which has a similar grayscale aesthetic to the music video. Additionally, Stone contributed to the album "Florida!!!"

black dog

Peep the black dog in the lower left corner. Taylor Swift/YouTube

While Post, Hawke, and Charles may have been present, there was another important creature in Swift's operating room: the black dog, who was also present when the experiment descended into chaos. It's a nod to "Black Dog," the first song on the second part of Swift's unexpected Tormented Poet anthology.


Taylor Swift/YouTube

The title card at the end of the video is designed with a cat hiding in the corner, because this isn't a Swift music video without some sort of feline reference.