'Love Is Blind' Chelsea clarifies comparisons to Megan Fox

On Love Is Blind season 6 , contestant Chelsea Blackwell told her podcast Jimmy Presnell that people said she looked like Megan Fox. Viewers immediately criticized the comparison, especially after her eventual fiancé felt her statement was misleading.

Chelsea responded to the outcry in a Feb. 19 TikTok video in which she mocked the criticism and asked for help. "This will be a great moment for anyone who has ever told me I look like her," she said. "Please, I beg you." In the caption, she joked, "Real Megan Fox please stand up." (Fox has yet to react to the comparison.)

Earlier in the day, she retweeted a message from her friend Presley Carter on her Instagram Story, defending her from negative comments. "It's so exciting to watch Chelsea and see everything!" Carter wrote. "It's also very difficult because people are so mean on the internet and take reality TV so seriously. Like it's a show and we need to cool it down."

Carter also claimed that the show's editors "wanted to dramatize and tell a story" and were unable to show everything that was filmed. "These are real people with feelings and emotions," she said. "Read the comments with your family and friends. We are all imperfect and trying to do our best. Please respect the cast."

Jimmy and Chelsea in Love Is Blind Season 6 Episode 6 . Netflix

In the new season, which premieres on Netflix on February 14, Presnell asks flight attendant Blackwell who her celebrity doppelgänger would be on a pod date, and she replies that people tell her she's on the plane It looks like Fox. "It's just because I have black hair and blue eyes," she said. "But I can't see it, so don't get excited. That's the only reason; there's nothing else."

Despite warning him that she didn't see the resemblance between the two herself, Jimmy was still surprised when they got engaged and finally met each other. "She did lie to me about her appearance," he said in a confessional. "Chelsea told me she looked like Megan Fox. But it didn't matter. At the end of the day, I was attracted to her and I could work with her."

Starting in episode 6, Jimmy may be reconsidering that sentiment as the two get into a heated argument about Chelsea feeling "uncomfortable" talking to another woman at a party. The next batch of episodes will air on February 21 and will see the couple living a normal life in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.